1. Referral Estate licensee (you) refers a buyer prospect to Referral Estate (us).

  2. Referral Estate (us) negotiates a referral fee of earned commission with a licensed Brokerage (Ohlig Group Realty).

  3. Ohlig Group Realty agrees to a referral fee of 25% of X% of the sales price (Lets use 3% as an example).

  4. Referral Estate (us) tracks the transaction to closing.

  5. Upon closing, Referral Estate receives the agreed upon referral fee from Ohlig Group Realty.

  6. The referral agent (you) is paid 80% of the gross amount received by Referral Estate.

EXAMPLE ($300,000 sales price):

Referral fee paid to Referral Estate (from Ohlig Group Realty) is $2,250

Referral Estate (us) split 20% x $2,250  = $450

Referral Agent (you) split 80% x $2,250  = $1,800 (you get a check for this)

Our Obligation:  After the licensee has activated (or reactivated) their license and is sponsored by Referral Estate, they will be eligible to receive referral fees.  Referral Estate, as a “Limited Function Referral Office”, will contract with real estate brokerage firms to pay us referral fees.  We will bill and/or collect the fees.  As each transaction is completed, and Referral Estate has received the agreed upon fee, we will either wire or mail the money to the licensee.

Your Obligation:  The licensee will refer prospects online.  The prospect will complete the online questionnaire.  As soon as the prospect has referred to a Realtor, the referring licensee will be able to track the progress of the transaction online.

More questions? Feel free to give us a call 972-532-6336 or check out the FAQ


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Referral Estate is a Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) Brokerage Firm, owned and operated by a TREC Broker licensee, which is exclusively engaged in referring clients and customers to other brokerage companies engaged in listing and selling real property. Our agents do not provide real estate services of any kind; THEY REFER ONLY.

As a referral agent, submit the client referral through our system and an experienced advisor will be assigned to help your prospect. The brokerage does all the work and you will receive your referral commission check when the transaction closes.